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Another great review from a client -- on Google+. Working with Cynthia is a life changer. She has transformed my whole apartment from crazy to calm. The beauty of working with Cynthia is that the process transformed not only my space to a clear, spacious workable and pleasantly relaxing area, but also my mind in terms of how I look at space, its organization and efficiency. After working with her, I find myself applying organizational techniques to other parts of my house or projects that need to be done. She generally asks for pictures before coming over, so she can get an idea of the project, which I find to be very efficient. Even after the job is done, her follow up is amazing. Post organization, she created and then laminated diagrams of all my closets and dressers which allows anyone doing the laundry or cleaning the house to figure out where the clothing is placed, or how to return misplaced items to their correct home. Cynthia also kept pictures of my spaces on file so if I had any questions, she could refer to them and advise remotely. She has a fun, pleasant personality, and is also very discreet and professional while helping you go through your personal belongings. Her lovely demeanor made her an instant hit with both my two year old child and my shy, skiddish cat. If you are looking for an organizer, do yourself a huge favor and give this woman a call—she’s AMAZING!!

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