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My organizing services always include a follow-up email to the client after each organizing session. Some follow-up is extensive, Some not so much. It depends on what is left to do. Some of it I will go back and do. Some of it the client will execute on his/her own.

My follow-up emails are meant to be informative, detailed, comprehensive, detailed, easy to follow, and rewarding to check off as each is completed. My clients say they are as helpful to them as the actual organizing sessions.

I just completed a 2 day, 13 hour job for a client in a small studio in Midtown East.. We focused on her clothes. This is the follow-up email I sent her yesterday. She loved it!


  • Have clothes rod replaced with new one – and with a support so it won’t sag

  • Replace light bulbs in ceiling lights in kitchen and hallway with higher wattage bulbs – 150w. You will be able to see into the coat closet better with a stronger bulb.

  • Take clothes to dry cleaner

  • Move purse hooks on door to inside wall of coat closet

  • Put scarves/hats/gloves into extra drawers.

  • Dip and swish all jewelry in a bowl of water with alka-seltzer or baking soda or mild dish detergent. Dry on towel. Put away to keep clean – lay out on a piece of velvet in top drawer of dresser? Or use several drawers?

  • Get windows cleaned

  • Finish cleaning off top shelf of clothes closet.

  • Clean out drawers in plastic roll-around in coat closet.

  • Rethink bag you take your work clothes in. If not fitting over your shoulder, then you probably need a bag with short handles that you just carry with your hand and not sling over your shoulder.

  • Go through ski bag of clothes.

  • Consider large baskets to hold your sweaters – and maybe to also put on top of wardrobe to hold ski clothes or something else you don’t wear often. Look for at Home Goods and TJ Maxx – both on Madison and 96th St. And Pier 1. Here’s one I like at Target but may not be wide enough. Here’s another at Crate & Barrel. Here’s another at West Elm.||NoFacet-_-NoFacet-_--_-

  • Keep dirty clothes hamper in coat closet; keep in something like these, but taller and; this is a taller one

  • Hang remaining tops.

  • Clear off rattan chest and clean out contents.

  • Clean out bookshelf.

  • Clear out bags under hallway table

  • Create a travel department (Store neck pillow, airline approved toiletries, etc. in the luggage so it’s always there, in one place.)

  • Consider purchasing 10-20 more huggable hangers.

  • Consider purchasing a folding step stool – the ones you see around with the polka dots and in many colors.

  • Consider purchasing skirt hangers with hooks for cascading (continue on with the style you already have?); Container Store has pkg of 3 for $7; you have about 25+ skirts (+ any at cleaners?); count for exact #; you already have 3 of the hooked hangers so deduct total # by 3;

  • Consider purchasing pants hangers. Container Store has pkg of 3 for $6; you have 14 pairs of pants (+ any at cleaners?);

  • Consider removing closet doors. Replace with off white ceiling-to-floor curtain panels. Ikea has inexpensive nice ones. 2 photos of my curtained closet are attached. It’s the same size as yours. I used 4 panels. Each package includes 2 panels. I used a curtain track in the ceiling (like that used in hospitals). It’s easier and less expensive though to just use a curtain rod. Look at the styles and see what you like.

  • Consider a steamer for clothes – will save lots of $ in dry cleaning bills; saves time dropping off/picking up; saves time unwrapping; don’t have to deal with plastic wrap and wire hangers; can press on your own time and not wait for dry cleaners – lots of reasons to have a steamer – I have no personal experience with the large steamers (which are probably more effective than the small ones). Here are steamer reviews from Amazon.·

  • Consider a cordless, bagless stick vacuum with a dust buster attachment; Swiffer is really for mopping and doesn’t collect dirt so well. I bought a Dyson for myself recently but it may be more than you want to pay. I recently saw one in Best Buy for $59.

  • Consider an area rug to warm up your apartment. CB2, West Elm, maybe even Targėe. There’s one at Ikea that Apartment Therapy loved this year but I can’t find it online. Off white with light golden pattern. I saw it in person. Nice.

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