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FREE Two-Day Event: Saturday, May 16 &
Sunday, May 17 10:00a - 4:00p

Shred Fest is a free annual NYC event to help individuals prevent identity theft. At Shred Fest, you can:

--Safely shred personal papers for free using shredding trucks.

--Get free identity theft prevention tips.

Bring: • Old bank statements • Old pay stubs • Credit card applications • Old papers with personal identifying information

See locations at:

If you can't make it to the free Shred Fest May 16-17, there are SEVERAL PAYING ALTERNATIVES BELOW.


You can take your shredding to any FedEx Office. They have locked bins that are routinely picked up and shredded by Iron Mountain shredding service. You pay $.79 a pound. A store employee will put your papers in the slotted bin for you.


Or you can take your shredding to any Staples store. They have the same locked bins that are picked up and shredded every few days by Iron Mountain Shredding Service. The first 5 pounds are free. Thereafter, it's $1.25 per pound. Some stores will put your papers in the slotted bin for you; other stores will have you do it.

mobile shred.jpg

If you have a large amount of shredding that is too cumbersome to take to a location, you can always have a shredding truck come to your apartment building. They shred on the spot as you watch. The minimum is less than $100.

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