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Experiencing a shoe explosion? Shoes all over the closet floor? Falling off those rickety shoe racks? Kicked under the bed? Piled up around the front door?

First, I strongly recommend you purge. Only keep what you really love and need.

Then put away what is left -- by season and by category -- sneakers, boots, flats, sandals, heels.

Here are my favorite shoe storage options for keeping shoes off the floor:

Under the bed storage for seasonal shoes

If your bed is at least 6" off the ground, you can put away seasonal shoes in either a hard plastic container or in a soft zippered container. I prefer the soft ones as they are pliable. Don't spend much on the containers as they won't be used often so will encounter little wear and tear.

Hanging shoe bags

1. I love Ikea's hanging shoe bag. I have had mine for years. They are a whopping $5, accommodate 9 pairs, and come in several colors. They hang from your closet rod so you'll need about 6" of free rod space. The 10th cubby at the bottom is a drawer which you can use for shoe strings, insoles, etc. You can add as many bags as you need, as long as you have the rod space.

My Ikea store in Brooklyn can't keep them in stock because they are so popular. Visit the store on Friday before the weekend crowds come in and shop out the store.

Hanging shoe bags

2. Another hanging option is the newest design from The Container Store.

This one hangs over the door and holds 24 pairs. You could also put small purses in the pockets. It is see-through and curently on sale for $23.99.

I have no experience with this one but it gets almost 5 stars based on 17 reviews.

Shoe cabinet for the foyer

I like shoe cabinets for the foyer. They are narrow and tall and can hold up to approximately 18 pairs of shoes, depending on the cabinet size. And they are enclosed so there is no visual clutter. Various retailers stock them -- Houzz, Overstock, Ikea et al -- in many styles and at many price points.

Sneaker storage on the wall

This is a great idea for kids - a floating storage rack. They will have fun putting their sneakers away. You can use them for boots. Design Within Reach has a 47" length in stainless steel for $99. Or you can also make one.

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