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FREE Shred-a-Thon, Andy Warhol, Packing List, Children's Art

If you can't wait for the free annual Shred Fest at the NYC green markets in May, here is your chance to clear your apartment of all that paper you've been wanting to shred. I will be there with my own bag of papers. If you have more than you can take in a car/taxi, you might want to consider a shredding truck that will come to your apartment and shred on the spot. LionCage Shredding has a promo now on Living Social. LionCage can also shred your hard drives (a separate service). So remove them from your old computers and get them properly destroyed. And then recycle the old computers!

Hoarding does not discriminate. This new book was just released this month. Catchy title as everyone is interested in hoarders. Probably a good read overall as Amazon reviewers give it 4.5 stars.

I recently traveled to Mexico and took Zucker, my teacup schnauzer. I had to pack for two, and for two climates. I didn't want to forget anything. So I created a table in Word, and filled it in. It worked like a charm. What a stress reliever. And so simple. I parked it on my desktop for future trips. With all the traveling I have done in my life, why had I never created a packing list until now? You can buy packing lists from The Container Store or make your own. I prefer the latter so I can personalize it.

Just last week, a client introduced me to a new cool solution for corralling and archiving children's growing artwork -- send it off to a company like Plum Print (founded by two moms) and they will do the rest. What you get is an oversized bound book to gift the child, a grandparent or someone special. Do a volume every year! Or make note cards, pillows or shower curtains from the artwork. Brilliant!

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