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Last year, I blogged about my Top 10 Organizing Tips/Products. I have 5 more. They are part of my arsenal of basic tips/products that will make a big difference in clutter management and organizing in the home. AND -- they are relatively inexpensive given their potential for reward. Here are my next 5 recommendations.

1. FILE CABINET Everybody can use at least one 2 or 3 drawer file cabinet for papers and office supplies. The two styles and many colors at The Container Store are fun with drawers that easily glide. They are currently on sale through Mar 27, 2016. COST: $139

2. WALL MOUNTED MULTIPLE-HOOK RACKS These are great for mud rooms (coats, jackets, hoodies) or for the inside of closet doors in children and adults' bedrooms (belts, pajamas, robes, every day around-he-house clothes). COST: $20-$30

3. LOCAL SHRED FESTS If you have a lot of classified documents to shred, it might be more time efficient to skip shredding them at home and wait for a local shred fest. Check your city's calendar of events and AARP for dates. They are often scheduled in the spring. COST: FREE

4. SOFT UNDERBED SHOE STORAGE For seasonal shoes or shoes that you only wear on special occasions, a soft underbed shoe bag is a good storage solution. Sewn-in dividers help keep shoes in place. A clear cover protects shoes from dust and you can easily see inside.

COST: $20

5. INSIDE DOOR RACK I think these racks are genius. The full door style usually comes with 5-6 baskets. They can hold food in a pantry, toiletries in a linen closet, gloves/hats/scarves/dog walking gear in a coat closet, home maintenance products in a utility closet, or toys/games in a children's closet. I am partial to the elfa system from The Container Store. They are often on sale for 25% off and come in several styles and finishes. COST: $120 for 6 baskets and a vertical steel axis.

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