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Fall is considered the start of the real New Year. September is a time when routines are back in place, and when you make changes on how you live, what you buy and what goals you set.

Here are a couple events, a new product, and a re-sell source to help you with the decluttering you will no doubt want to do in your home.

1. The Container Store is having a shelving sale, including everything elfa.

25% off product and installation. See details at:

2. Ridgewood Savings Bank in New York City is sponsoring several free shredding events in late 2016 in New York City. The next one is in Manhattan on Sept 24, then Queens and the Bronx on Oct 1. The final one is in Yonkers on Oct 15. 9a - 1p. For more specifics, see

3. eBay Valet is a service that handles the entire eBay selling process for you. The experts take the photos, write the descriptions and sell and ship the items for you. All you have to do is take a pre-printed shipping label and your items to any eBay drop off location. Shipping is free. See this for FAQ:

4. Ikea has added a new useful item to their Skubb series of organizing products (shoe bags, clothes bags, underbed boxes, other assorted boxes, et al). It is a box with built in compartments. Can easily be inserted into some chest of drawers. Comes in four colors. $7.99

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