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Clothes are almost always a problem with clients. That’s an easy fix. But it’s the shoes and boots that are especially difficult to manage. I don’t like them on the closet floor because they get lost, dusty, are difficult to see and require bending over to get them. I’m not crazy about shoe bags on the insides of closet doors, IF hanging them is even possible. The pockets always look so sloppy. Closet shelving is never enough to accommodate all of the shoes/boots, unless they are in shoe boxes and that’s not convenient, even if the boxes are clear.

There are wooden cubbies from Bed, Bath and The Container Store that you can put on the floor, but then again, you have to bend down to get your shoes.

The best product I have found is Ikea’s hanging shoe bag. It holds 9 pairs, is slim, sturdy, and only $5 if purchased at Ikea. Because it's vertical, it is easily visible and handy

It’s worth relocating some clothes from your clothes rod so as to accommodate the bag(s). As with any shoe bag, it will bend out of shape if used for heavy shoes. Always best to fill them with flats, heels, sneakers and slippers. And you can even use one cubby for shoe inserts, shoe laces, etc.

Storing seasonal shoes under your bed or elsewhere is helpful. And a large basket on the closet floor for boots helps keep them together.

For the shoes that you wear every day, creating storage in your foyer is helpful. It can range from a small container/basket to a cabinet. I just recently bought this cabinet for my foyer. I found it at Wayfair. I changed the knobs, added a tasseled runner on top, hung a mirror over it and it looks great! The four shelves hold 12 pairs of shoes. The drawer holds gum, business cards, sunglasses, keys.

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