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I live in a studio apartment in New York City. To give a pop to my foyer, I recently wallpapered the area behind the wall mirror and shoe cabinet.

I found the bold grey and white peel 'n stick removable wallpaper from Home Depot. With the leftover paper, I lined the cabinet shelves and drawer in my kitchen.

What a difference it makes!!!! Such a happy place now!!!

I have since noticed peel 'n stick removable wall elsewhere.

Below is a sample of patterns available through Chasing Paper.

$40 per sheet (2'x4'). More expensive than Home Depot but much better selection imo.

Peel 'n stick removable wallpaper is great for serial movers, stylish moms, renters, DIYers, and, of course, commitment-phobes,

It's an inexpensive quick 'n easy way to change up a small area of your home. And it will force you to organize around that area. Because you know how it goes: one thing begets another!

(Hint: Better if you have some help, but I managed to do mine without.

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