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Most of the usual places to donate are probably closed until further notice. However, you can always post under "FOR SALE - FREE" on Craigslist. The typical respondents are local charities and individuals. They will come and take away your donations. (Make sure they are clean and in working condition. Summer clothing is preferable now to winter clothing.)

Bag them up and put outside your front door to avoid any contact. Make certain you say "Must pick up by 6p today" (or whatever is reasonable) to ensure that people act on the post right away and don't delay. After all, you want it out of your home soonest.

You can also try Freecycle, and Junkluggers (for a fee) if you have a large items. In certain neighborhoods, it might be acceptable to put donations on your curb if people looking for items routinely canvass your neighborhood.

For further ideas, here is a current article on how to donate in New York City. They might be adaptable to your city.


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