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With doing so much more cooking and baking during the pandemic, it was time to overhaul my dry food pantry for easier access, less clutter and better aesthetics.

I've always loved lazy susans. I have the tiered one for spices and a very large one on the low shelf of my fridge. I always recommend them to clients -- and not just for the kitchen.

What I got tired of in this cabinet was not being able to see everything, which meant there were some items past their expiration date. I also got tired of digging around looking for a specific item. And I could never tell if I was low on something since it was usually hiding in a box.

Now I can spin my lazy susans around and access exactly what I want. And I can easily see if I am low on something. Saves so much time and looks nice to boot.

My spinners are 12" in diameter and from The Container Store and Bed Bath. Measure the depth of your cabinets before ordering. Worth every penny!!!

The containers can be canning jars* from Jack's $1 store, or probably online. For something more high end, you can find round containers from The Container Store.

* with the solid one-piece lid

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