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Closets, when decluttered and organized, are very satisfying. If you are considering some infrastructure for one or more of your closets, two popular brands that will come to mind are Elfa and California Closets. Here is a brief comparison:

COST Surprisingly, Elfa (a 73 y/o Swedish brand owned by The Container Store) and California Closets (a 40 y/o U.S. brand) are priced similarly. Elfa is around $4300 for a walk-in closet, and $5000+ for a hallway or bedroom closet. Design consultations are free. Elfa has a 20% off annual sale (late Dec to mid-Feb). California Closets run from $2500 to $5000, with most customers averaging $3500 for a regular size and standard design. Design consultations are also complimentary. California Closets tends to run monthly promotions, which change often.

STYLE Elfa has style, a variety of excellent finishes, and is perfect for a modern home. Their walk-in closets offer a cool look to your bedroom. California Closets are more classic looking and also offers a variety of finishes.

MATERIAL / SUSTAINABILITY Most Elfa products are made of durable epoxy-bonded steel. California Closets are made up of reclaimed fiber, sustainable woods, and wood grains. To add a shiny gleam, they also coat the finishes with melamine. Both brands claim the materials they use are sustainable and durable.

WARRANTY Elfa offers a 10-yr guarantee on manufacturing defects. California Closets offers a lifetime warranty but might charge for surplus maintenance.

WHERE TO VIEW Elfa design products, made in Finland, can be viewed at any of 94 Container Stores in the U.S.. California Closets, made in the U.S.A., has 120 showrooms in the U.S., plus Canada, Mexico, Puerto Rico and Dominican Republic.

In sum, high quality closet infrastructure, either through Elfa or California Closets, is an investment that will keep on giving for years to come. Don’t chince on the quality. It won’t be the same.

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