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Cynthia Kienzle

Master Declutterer, Spacialist - Specializing in Small Spaces

I founded The Clutter Whisperer of NYC in 2010 with the goal of providing home and office organizing services in the New York area. Bottom line, I help people simplify their lives by purging and then setting up customized sustainable systems to help them maintain order. 


I love taking care of my clients and helping them get through life’s major transitions.  My goal is to leave a Zen-like feeling to their space by using thoughtful, simple, practical and long-lasting solutions to their clutter issues with little to no investment in organizing tools.  I like to say “Living with less is the ultimate luxury.”


Clients always ask how I got started.  I have always been very organized, having grown up in a very orderly environment – midwestern military family of German heritage and ten years attending a Catholic all-girls school. 


I further honed my skills through many years of living in my Manhattan studio where I had to figure out creative ways to function comfortably and aesthetically in a small space.  After two careers working for others, it was time to be the boss of me. 


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