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*****  Google +

Review Date: May 2021​

We signed for session right before a big move out of state and what a help Cynthia was! She arrived on time with her lovely helper Zucker who immediately put us at ease. What could have been a stressful session was really fruitful, upbeat and productive. Cynthia approached her work with us with positivity and sensitivity and without any judgment and we got a so much done. I highly recommend her!


A.O.T., Astoria

*****  Google +

Review Date: Apr 2021​

Cynthia was amazing! She came and tactfully helped me remove clothes that not longer fit. Her sense of style and simplicity made the new spaces still feel cozy. She is very focused on what needs to be done and sends out follow up emails with home work prior to the next session. She also explores places to send specialized objects like dolls, etc. I totally recommend Cynthia's work ethic and if you need to declutter, she's the best!!

P.M., Upper East Side


*****  Google +

Review Date: Apr 2021


After putting off cleaning out my closets and drawers this whole year, I am so grateful to find Cynthia. In just 5 hours, I now have more space and feel freer. She is lovely, calm and has expertise in this field.


C.S., Upper East Side



*****  Google +

Review Date: Jan 2021

Cynthia was so incredibly helpful. I had to pack up a very disorganized office and was feeling very overwhelmed. Cynthia was quick with scheduling and responding to me, was so kind and super efficient with getting done what needed to get done all within one organization session! She was brilliant and I look forward to using her help again in the future. If you're looking for an organization expert, don't go to Clutter or any of those services - call Cynthia - you wont regret it.


S.W., Soho



*****  Google +

Review Date: Sep 2019

Three days ago, Cynthia from The Clutter Whisperer arrived for a 5 hour service in helping with our basement. I was nervous but I was also finally ready to tackle this project. Cynthia was relaxed and she was also very calming. I must say that I am grateful at the amount of papers we got rid of. I didn't expect so much of that would be dealt with and I'm in awe at how hands on she was. She also created my personal command center using a door that I had removed from daughter's bedroom along with two side tables that we weren't using. All of our donate/sell items had been separated and our next plan is to fill the car with all that we have agreed to finally let go. I must say that I would not have done nearly as much in those 5 hours if Cynthia wasn't here. I hadn't told her but I passed out the second that she left. It was an accomplished day! The next day we also received a detailed follow up email and it was like the best brain dump ever. She even added additional useful tips, saving us even more time in researching. I would most definitely use her again.

N.A., Queens

***** Google +

Review Date:  Sept 2019


Cynthia is great! She is meticulous and methodical, and really helped my partner and me with unpacking, decluttering, and developing a system for organization and layout of our new home after the chaos of a last-minute move. Her follow-up email after the session also includes excellent recommendations, and I wish I could give an extra star for the calming energy her 4-legged “assistant” Zucker brought to the space. Would absolutely recommend to anyone feeling overwhelmed by the process of making their space work for them.

R.S., Brooklyn


***** Google +
Review Date:  Jul, 2018

Great service! Totally worth every penny!

J.F., Manhattan


***** Google +

Review Date:  Apr, 2018

I was in danger of being evicted from my apartment when I contacted Cynthia. Before her visit she gave me some suggestions to get started which helped me focus and calm down. When she came, she guided me to systematically declutter my various huge caches of clothing, shoes, and books.
I have never worked harder in my life, but this got most of the work done. The rest I was able to accomplish on my own along with Cynthia's encouragement in her post session emails. As long as you are dedicated to removing your clutter and changing your patterns of accumulation, Cynthia's logical organization skills will help you accomplish your goals in an efficient and lasting manner. She's great.

M.S., Brooklyn

***** Google +

Review Date:  Mar, 2018

The Clutter Whisperer was a terrific organizer! She didn’t waste any time attacking my closets. She was cheerful, employed good organizational ideas, and was considerate of my belongings.

My closets are now clutter free (lots was donated!) and very welcoming. I can find things now!! The Clutter Whisperer even sent a follow-up email afterwards reminding me of the next steps/purchases we discussed during the session. Would definitely use her again.


C.J., Queens

***** Yelp

Review Date:  Feb, 2018

Cynthia was amazing!  My apartment has a whole new life. Everything feels clean and open and bright. She totally reformed my space and made it a joy to come home to. Thank you, Cynthia!!!

C.H., Manhattan


***** Google +

Review Date:  Dec, 2017

I’ve been using Cynthia’s amazing talents for about four years now. (Yes, I do have a tendency to relapse.) Here is my latest paean to her work:

“Once again you performed the ‘miracle of the floors’ - I can see them again!”

I don’t know what I’d do without Cynthia’s energy and creative ideas and especially her powers of persuasion - when it comes to letting go of the superfluous, redundant acquisitions of a lifetime.
Our last productive session brings me closer to the pared-down minimalist apartment I’m dreaming of for my old age.

C.Mc, Manhattan

***** Google +

Review Date:  Dec, 2017

Cynthia was great and really helped in getting over an organizational hurdle in my apartment. She communicates well and has good ideas on how to optimize space, based on one's individual situation. Her follow-up e-mail the next day was very thorough and had links to storage pieces she found for me online. Would recommend!

L.O., Brooklyn

***** Google +

Review Date:  Dec, 2017

My experience with Cynthia was pleasant and enlightening but, above all, so productive. The whole family, our beloved dog included, enjoys what amounts to a brand new apartment that had been such a burden on our minds. In the days since The Decluttering, the overall organization of our home and open spaces have made the morning routine with our little one so much smoother and the tidying up simpler and reflexive - everything has a place! And, with this clean slate, we see so much more potential in our apartment.

After 6 years of living together, my partner and I had not admitted we were overwhelmed at combining our lives’ worth of stuff, even after three apartment moves. I gave up and sent her and our kindergartner on a flight to see grandma and I called Cynthia. She got back to me within hours and we talked about the scope of the project. Whether on the phone or in person, she is approachable and focused - exactly what my exasperation required.

I didn’t know where to start but Cynthia helped me decide on a scope and I followed her advice to prep for our session. By the time she showed up, I had learned so much executing her simple direction. And by the time my girls got home, the bedrooms, most closets to include linen and the front, and the foyer had been completely decluttered. I made three trips of car-fulls of perfectly good and organized donations. We had achieved so much more than what I hired her for! She is a workhorse and, more importantly, a very inspiring and encouraging home organization partner. You can’t miss with Cynthia, what are you waiting for?

J.R., Manhattan


***** Google +

Review Date:  Jan, 2017


We found the Clutter Whisperer to be very efficient, and extremely helpful in sorting through and eliminating excess. Her suggestions for organizing systems were also instructive and useful. And she introduced us to an indispensable aid for shoe-lovers!  Thank you, Cynthia, for all your help!


J.R., Manhattan

Review Date:  Mar, 2015

Hire Again:  Yes

Description Of Work: 

Purged my 3 story house in anticipation of a move out of state to a much smaller space.


Angie's List Member Comments: 

The Clutter Whisperer of NYC has worked with me for the last 2 months, helping me to purge my house of 30 years of "stuff" in anticipation of down-sizing to an apartment out of state.   She also worked with me over a year ago helping me to purge my clothes closet.  We have a few more weeks to go before I can finally put my house up for sale.

I don't know what I would do without Cynthia.  She has taken charge of a very overwhelming situation and made it manageable.  I can actually see light at the end of the tunnel.


She always (9 visits) shows up on time, has a plan of attack, and at the end of each session, we have managed to bag up lots of donations and recyclables.  She even arranges for periodic pick up of the donations by posting "free stuff" on Craigslist.  She has photographed all of my plants for an eventual Craigslist sale, advised me on how to delete data from my old phones, and talked me out of buying a new printer until I get relocated.  

Cynthia is patient, amiable, very responsible, proactive, energetic and brings along her assistant -- a very cute 5# teacup schnauzer who is usually content to sleep in his carrier. I highly recommend Cynthia for any aspect of organizing.


J.M., Staten Is




Review Date: Oct, 2013

Hire Again: Yes

Description Of Work: 

Son's room and closet. 


Angie's List Member Comments: 

Cynthia helped me organize my son's room and closet. We had many years of clothes to go through and she helped me go through what was too small, too large, and organize the clothes by season. She also organized his closet and I can finally open the doors without having everything topple over! She was prompt and quick. It is such a relief to have everything in its place now. Thank you so much!


C.F., W. Harlem




Review Date: Aug, 2013

Hire Again: Yes

Description Of Work: 

Cynthia has vision which I sorrowly lack.  She saw the potential that I have in my apartment and decided to allocate one bedroom as a craft/guest room since that had a air conditioner.  I had originally designate a smaller room as a craft room but the room was extremely hot and stuffy and I dreaded going in there.  We are now working on the living room. 


Angie's List Member Comments: 

Cynthia was prompt and after a walk through of my apartment decided to designated the larger bedroom as a guest/craft room.  I was afraid she would make me give up my craft supplies.  I bead as a hobby and I also have a large stash of fabrics because I use to sew home decor items i.e. slipcovers, pillows, etc..  I haven't been sewing because of no space to set up my machines or room to cut the fabric.  She saw I had several matching storage units and suggested I use them in the dining room as one unit.  I was using the walk-in-closet to store my suits which I no longer wear.  She suggested I donate my suits and use the closet to store my hobby supplies.  She organized the room, set up the guest beds, suggested how to setup a work area, to start shredding papers that are too old and to go over questionable items. 


She left me a "to do list" and I kept myself on track by making a goal of recycling or tossing out a item a day.  She also researched where I can donate or recycle my items.She was very encouraging, I would e-mail her with ideas because I had items in the basement and in the garage that I wanted to incorporate into the new decor.  I was even able to use fabric that was in my "stash".  She did have qualms about the fabric I wanted to use for a chair but agreed it would be different but I may have problems in the future since it wasn't "neutral" and I could have problems if I want to change my color palette.  She gave me ideas on a sofa, and places to go shopping for it.  I picked out a sofa and a color.  Went looking for paint chips in preparation for the next visit

The next visit was for several weeks later to give me time to get the "to do list" done.  I brought shelving to put in the closet, arranged for the contractor to install the new shelving in the closet, new curtain rods (which I had but never got around to installing).  Discussed the color palette I picked out and to firm up the curtain type.  I did not want triple pleat curtains, did not want my living room to look like my mother's, wanted something younger and not as formal.  Cynthia suggested other types but I did not like any them and kept on investigating other options until I saw "inverted box pleated curtains" and decided that was for me and Cynthia agreed.  I felt it was clean, simple but elegant.  I hit several paint stores to pick up chips and I finally hit the jackpot when I went into a Sherwin Williams paint store.  I had ordered a dark brown sofa but against a aubergine wall (Cynthia's suggestions), it would have been too dark and I can't see myself living with that color and I told Cynthia, I wasn't comfortable with that color.  I saw in Sherwin Williams a wall effect which I really liked and picked out some colors.  We went over the colors and she helped me firm up my choices.  She started on the living room and I went over the last few items in the craft room.  I am still going through the living room before the contractor starts painting.  I am trying to consolidate my dvds into 2 bookcases vs 3 bookcases and then put sliders on them to help move them into the new positions. 


Cynthia will be coming in another week to help me purge the living room and the dining room before the painters come.  I see her vision and it is a lofty goal to have a living room and a exercise area, a dining room with storage for small appliances, dishes, etc to cope with a typical small NYC kitchen.  I will definitely hire her again.  She encourages you without judging you.  I thought I had a hoarding problem but she told me, if I was a hoarder I would have a very hard time getting rid of things.  She has given me the impetus to purge and donate items that I no longer use or need.


I made a commitment, a New Year's promise, to give myself a gift to declutter my apartment. At the time when I said those words, little did I know just how amazing I would feel at the end of the project.


I worked with Cynthia Kienzle, The Clutter Whisperer, for three days, going through my apartment closet by closet, drawer by drawer, and all I can say is now I feel so great, liberated, lighter, free, organized, happier and ready to enter the next phase of my life unencumbered and weighed down.


What's better is that the items I have tossed will find their way to people that will make better use of them and have a need for them and that makes me very happy and I am very grateful. 


S.L., Queens




Thank you so much, The Clutter Whisperer.  You are indeed a master declutterer, spacial expert and a true champion at your craft!


M.L., Central Park West

one very satisfied customer...




Just wanted to say THANKS for all your hard work and the amazing result!!  I love my new closet (and am still amazed by how much you got done in 5 hours!)


I.M., Chelsea




Thanks for this (link) and your awesome help on Saturday.  The place is still in tact, mostly.


V.P., W. Harlem




Wow, Cynthia.  Pictures don't lie.  We tackled such a huge job yesterday and you were a pleasure to work with.  I am a little sore but  I'm recouping and relaxing now so that I can be ready to take care of the unfinished projects (table, cds, etc.)


I love the supported desk!  Where did you see that or can I find it?


As I type this, I am sitting at my current desk with the lap top enjoying my new found space!  I had coffee sitting in the window in the orange chair while looking through my mystery pile earlier this morning.  I haven't felt so comfortable in this room since I moved in.  You are really amazing and have so much energy -- I'm happy to have kept up 90% of the time with you and to CONQUER the room.  It's very liberating :)


Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!!


J.P., Park Slope




You are a genius!  Thanks a mil, Cynthia.


B.W., Harlem




I would like to thank you for the wonderful job you did yesterday in organizing my living space.  I woke up today and felt so comfortable in my own apartment that I would rather come home than go to Starbucks. The Container Store did not have all the components of the closet.  I ordered it and they will deliver the unit next Tuesday.  Once again thank you so much for a job well done.


C.S., Upper West Side




It is amazing what a difference a few hours makes!!! I have been busy organizing my apartment and enjoying how cozy and neatly arranged everything is! I was just in awe of how re-arranging and re-using various items changes the flow of the apartment. It's been really great and the best part is it has STAYED tidy! The biggest culprits of my clutter (my coats on the kitchen chairs, shoes all over floor, and paper work spread across my table) are continuing to enjoy their new out of the way homes. It's really been huge for me to have the space so well arranged. Thanks a million I really enjoyed working with you!


M.R., Harlem




Cynthia came in, listened to my biggest concerns about my space, and then tackled them head on with me, getting down and dirty, while staying very calm and zen throughout the entire process.  Her ability to be both non-judgmental about my stuff and my quirks, as well as appreciative of my needs as an artist, made all the difference.   Cynthia was delightful to work with, and made an otherwise possibly anxiety filled process, very manageable.  When she left, I had exactly what I wanted, which was a calm, decluttered living space, and a pile of things ready to either go into storage or be released back into the world.


E.K., Union Square




Hey Cynthia,  I am so happy that you came over on Friday. Especially the first 4 hours. Sorry, it was irresistible. Actually, I think you are fabulous. I've started to tackle the papers because you made it possible to do it.  I'll definitely call when I surface. Thanks so much for the meds info !! Again, Cynthia, a thousand thank yous. There seems to be a light at the end of the tunnel and for the first time it doesn't feel like an oncoming train.


M.M., Upper West Side




Good Morning Cynthia!  Thank you so much!!  Yes!!  I love walking into my new & extremely improved office!!!  So much clearing both mentally and emotionally!!  You did an amazing job!!!  We moved a mountain!!!  I will be completing the tasks at hand (responding to the filing and all . . . . )  Thank you again so much for what you have done to help me!!


G.L., Northern New Jersey

Thanks so much again. I spent the rest of the weekend with a new kick in my step -- I felt relief and that I was on my way to something better. And yes, I did take some small steps . : ) I guess for some reason or another I had forgotten how to take care of myself. I'll always appreciate your thoughtful and extensive suggestions that took my personality into account.


A.A., East Harlem






*****  Google +

Review Date: May 2021​

Somehow I ended up with so much extra space in each room and everything is much more accessible now. With a quick look, she instantly figures out where things should be put.
Cynthia is very collaborative and flexible in finding the solution that you're happy with.
Not only does Cynthia do an amazing job, she's so intuitive and efficient that the work gets done in a tiny fraction of the time it would have taken me to do it on my own.
Bonus - she is environmentally friendly and zero-waste!

Past projects listed below and I will definitely have Cynthia back for the rest of my apartment.

My Projects:
--Storage closet & coat closets
--Library (aka overstuffed bookcase)
--wfh office space

E.G., Upper East Side



***** Google +

Review Date:  April 2021

Cynthia was a workhorse, helping me tackle my long overdue monster of a cluttered closet in addition to the rest of our cluttered apartment. She's efficient and gets the job done!


A.N., Central Park West



***** Google +

Review Date:  Sept 2020

I am so happy that I had Cynthia help me with my home, and I would absolutely recommend her. She is incredibly thorough, and filled with excellent ideas on how to maximize small spaces (she can also point you to where to get the best products for your needs).

We got a tremendous amount done during our one session and my home feels so much more peaceful and calm. With two little ones, in an east village apartment, that's saying A LOT. She's a real pro!

And she took a lot of care to follow smart safety practices during this challenging time, which was very much appreciated.

So pleased with this fantastic clutter whisperer!


K.H., East Village



***** Google +

Review Date:  Sept 2019

I wish I had called Cynthia earlier in the summer when I had more time to complete all of her followup instructions. She is meticulous, assiduous and non judgmental. She goes about her organization methodically, offering advice where needed, and making the process of getting my clothes, papers, and closets under control seem possible and no longer overwhelming. Cynthia worked with me for two full days and I enjoyed her cheerful, no nonsense presence, help, and advice. After each session, Cynthia wrote me a very detailed follow-up email containing information about places to make donations, get shredding, dispose of old technology, and recommendations for purchases we had discussed. I would highly recommend Cynthia to anyone who needs help to declutter.

N.F., Bronx

***** Google +

Review Date:  Aug 2019

Cynthia changed the way the space felt as well as looked, and so much for the better. Her methods were smart and effective, and she used sound judgment as our work proceeded with what felt like really complex tasks. There was a lot to learn from her in a short span of time, which she used impeccably, that I hope to use going forward. I highly recommend her services.

L.L., Brooklyn



***** Google +

Review Date:  May 2019

I have three closets which were bursting at the seams. I put clothes and ...... anything else that will fit ....... in a closet "for now" and plan to "deal with it later" and of course "later" never arrives.

Cynthia and I planned to work on purging and organizing the closets which I expected would take more than five hours (her organizing session length) to complete. With Cynthia's focus and efficiency we completed the closets and more in five hours.

She is calm, friendly and not pushy or judgmental about what to keep or toss. She asked questions about my lifestyle, listened to my concerns and implemented manageable solutions.

The next day she emailed a list of further ideas and insights for continuing and maintaining the organization. Her email included suggestions for items to buy, although during our organizing session she creatively used items I already had which made additional purchases unnecessary.

She is professional and delivers quality service. Highly recommended!

L.T., Staten Is

***** Google +

Review Date:  Dec 2018

Cynthia is without a doubt a game changer and fantastic at what she does. She not only worked with me to organize my space but put in place long-term strategies that will help me keep my apartment organized more easily and efficiently. I highly recommend her services.

K.F., Manhattan


***** Google +

Review Date:  Nov 2018

Since this is the season to be thankful. I needed to mention how grateful and thankful I am for Cynthia Kienzle (and Zucker). I was fortunate to find Cynthia several years ago when I desperately needed to declutter and organize my Manhattan apartment. I had been living in the apartment for several years but still hadn't fully set it up and still had filled moving boxes. Lots of filled moving boxes. Too many filled moving boxes. Anyway, the first 5 hour visit, Cynthia made miracles happen. She emptied and got rid of a lot of excess and boxes just the first day. She came into the cluttered chaos without judgment, sized up the full situation and formed her strategy for attacking the clutter. After several visits, my apartment finally looked the way I dreamed it could.

And then, a few years later, I had to quickly move. So, thank goodness that I could call Cynthia to help with that. Now, in a new space, I have again called Cynthia to help me set up my new space so that I can start off with everything having a home. Thank you Cynthia (and Zucker)!


F.C, Astoria


***** Google +

Review Date:  Oct 2018

Cynthia is the best at what she does; a real life-changer. I have worked with her in the past, as well as multiple sessions recently. I hope to work with her in the future, but she sets up systems for you to hopefully avoid the need to do so. I cannot recommend her enough. She is fast, efficient, and very smart about her work. 5 stars all around.

N.F., Manhattan


***** Google +

Review Date:  Jul 2018

Great service! Totally worth every penny!

J.F., Manhattan


***** Google +

Review Date:  Feb 2018

Cynthia was amazing! My apartment has a whole new life. Everything feels clean and open and bright. She totally reformed my space and made it a joy to come home to. Thank you!

C.H., Manhattan



***** Google +

Review Date:  Dec, 2017

The Clutter Whisperer is a MIRACLE WORKER! to say that she restored order and sanity from chaos and mayhem is an understatement. Cynthia is amazing, she has a very clear concept of spatial organization and proper utilization / maximization. She works quickly and efficiently and has the most reasonable prices. And she is very easy to work with and kind. Thank you Cynthia!

--Your Pals at 660 Madison.


L.T., Manhattan

***** Google +

Review Date:  Dec, 2016

Cynthia was very thoughtful and thorough when organizing our kitchen. She paid great attention to the function of our kitchen while creating a zen aesthetic. She managed to get rid of piles of clutter we thought we had no room for, and we even ended up with an empty shelf left over at the end our project. We were very happy with the outcome.

K.B., Manhattan

***** Yelp

Review Date:  Nov. 2016

Cynthia was very helpful in getting my apartment organized! She worked quickly and encouraged me to recycle and get rid of unneeded clutter! I will definitely be using her in the future when we move to a new apartment.

J.C., Manhattan

Review Date:  March 26, 2015

Hire Again: Yes

Description Of Work: 

I hired the company to do some cleaning and de-cluttering.


Angie's List Member Comments: 

The service went great. Cynthia was very helpful and did amazing work. She really helped me get organized. She completed the work in a few hours. I had no problem scheduling the service and she was on time. I would use the company again.


A.T., Queens



***** Google +

Review Date:  May, 2019

I have three closets which were bursting at the seams. I put clothes and ...... anything else that will fit ....... in a closet "for now" and plan to "deal with it later" and of course "later" never arrives.

Cynthia and I planned to work on purging and organizing the closets which I expected would take more than five hours (her organizing session length) to complete. With Cynthia's focus and efficiency we completed the closets and more in five hours.

Review Date: Oct, 2014

Hire Again: Yes


Description Of Work: 

She took a look around the house to see what she had to work with. She found space to store things that I didn't have space for but still used. She helped me purge and organize my belongings. I was given a to do list with a routine to follow. 


Angie's List Member Comments: 

We got a lot done. She was an absolute pleasure and her dog was a joy to be around. He was quiet and well behaved. There is still more work ahead and i will be calling her again.


T.S., Upper East Side




Review Date: Oct, 2014

Hire Again: Yes

Description Of Work: 

My bedroom is a combination of sleeping area, office, guest room, and storage for my business.  I work a lot so only slept there.  Frankly, it looked like a very, very messy garage.  I could barely find a path to my bed.  There was absolutely no clothing storage available and no desk.  My family continually hounded me to clean it up.  I finally relented and hired The Clutter Whisperer.  Over a three day period, Cynthia managed to give me exactly what I wanted - and more. 

Angie's List Member Comments:  

The first day was just to deal with the bags and bags and bags of clothes, most of which were outdated.  Cynthia set up my under-utilized armoire to house my folded clothes and shoes.  She had me buy a portable wardrobe on sale at The Container Store for my hanging clothes and bedding.  She poached chests of drawers from another part of the apartment and created drawer storage for socks, underwear, tee shirts, et al.

On the second day, she moved my large Metro Shelving unit in such a way as to create a room divider and a proper sleeping area.  She provided a black bed cover from her own apartment to line the Metro Shelving on the back to prevent light from coming through the sleeping area.

On the third day, we cleaned off all the shelves and then began filling it with luggage, sports equipment, toiletries and office equipment.  I brought in a desk from another room.  We organized the books and filled the bookshelves.  Cynthia set up an eating area for me, and a drop zone for mail.  And she even gave me a gift of flowers for the planter outside my front door.

I highly recommend The Clutter Whisperer if you are looking for someone who is very enthusiastic, easy to work with, very creative and a hard worker.  She produced beyond my expectations.  I could never have done this without her.  I am having my kitchen and baths renovated and will definitely have her back to stock both areas once the reno is done.


F.C., Upper East Side




I am so happy.  It's genius, the (closet) diagram.  Can't wait until you come back.  Love working with you.  I wish this would go on forever!!


L.W., Midtown West




Words can hardly describe the feeling of delight and joy and freedom  I feel in my newly organized kitchen.  Things are so well placed that it's a pleasure even to clean up now.  Thank you so much!


A.S., Upper West Side




It was so much easier for me to work alongside you than by myself. You are a real professional and it was so worth it. Thank you so much for your hard work and inspiration. 


L.F., Chelsea




You are a godsend!  I was telling my family tonight how great you were and are and how much you did and how fast you did it.  And how you always go above and beyond.  And I greatly appreciate it.


I am so glad you suggested your coming today. I don't know how I would have been ready or would have gotten through it so well (no meltdowns) without your help. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

And thanks for all your "hoorays" and encouragement. And you are right, I have needed to declutter all my life. Coming home tonight, I entered my apartment and could not believe all the floor space.  I did not have to maneuver my way into my apartment or fight to get the door open.  And when I looked into the kitchen, it looks like a real kitchen (normal and uncluttered).  And the bathroom so white and bright and empty looking.  Soon I will go to bed and admire your handwork in there.

I have told my family they are not to buy me anything anymore. My birthday is coming, but my sister gave me you this year, so I don't have to worry about more stuff, yet.


Thanks again.


F.C., Upper East Side




Thank you so much, Cynthia, for all of your hard work and help organizing our closet and lives, too! We really enjoy working with you and are truly grateful for not only your help but your kind demeanor during the process.  We'll keep you posted on the wedding plans. Something tells me we are going to use a bit, if not a lot, of help planning.


C.M., Gramercy Park




You are a great woman, Cynthia, and a great inspiration & 

teacher! Yes, teacher!!  Thank you for all you have done for

me!!   I am greatly appreciative!!  You were there for me when most others seemed to have not.


G.S., Northern New Jersey




Thanks so much for all of your notes.  I love your ideas and appreciate them so much!


M.V., Jersey City




THANK YOU SO MUCH for yesterday! I really didn't feel well physically Friday night & early Saturday morning.  Part of it might have been anxiety, but whatever it was I felt better as soon as you arrived.  And of course sweet Zucker (my puppy) was good medicine too! I am truly grateful for your help yesterday and in addition to what we accomplished, I'm blessed to have you in my corner cheering me on as I retrain myself and fulfill my vision of a sacred space called home!


K.F., Upper West Side




Many people can label and put things in boxes.  Cynthia solves why you have clutter in the first place so it doesn't happen again.  There is a BIG difference.  Cynthia's service is materially better than any other organizer I have worked with.  


I have hired Cynthia 4 times.  Each time she has made my life easier and released me of the nagging project that has been hanging over my head.  She is hard working, yet patient, non judgemental, respectful, and a real problem solver.  As she works, she notes the things that needs to be done (like taking a torn skirt to the tailor) and follows up with an email to remind you.  She keeps working even when she isn't there!  Wow!


I'll hire her again and encourage you to do the same.


(Referral #1)  Cynthia is the woman I said was working with me to organize my home.  She is wonderful, hard working, respectful, encouraging, gentle, understated and REALLY good at what she does. For me she has simplified my life and made my home all the more a sanctuary.  I have hired her a few times and can refer her with confidence.  I thought I'd at least connect you two. 


(Referral #2)  This referral is an easy one.  She is more than an organizer, she creates real solutions for her clients.  I adore her and deeply respect her professionalism, hard work ethic and product.


K.Mc., Central Park West




I can't thank you enough for this.  You really do care about your 

clients and really love what you do.  I have learned so much from you and have developed some much better habits that you have taught me.  I'm not there yet, but will get there one day.


My parents were so impressed by what you did.  They loved the fact that you used what I had and had such great ideas about where to put things.  My father is not one to give compliments easily, but he was so thrilled by what he saw.  My mother even called me back to tell me how great you were, knowing how horrible I am at organizing and decorating!  Thank you for everything.  I feel like I'm going to have a whole new start this year, thanks to you.  


Thank you also for the gift from Vietnam.  I was really touched by it and will figure out how to make whatever it is - coffee, chocolate or both!

C.C., Upper East Side




Thank you for your amazing work and as always I really really appreciate it!

A.H., Lower East Side




I still think of how brilliant I was to hire you to unpack for us.


L.F., Chelsea




Thank you so much! I love getting a task list like this - it makes these things seem possible :)  I'm thrilled with what we did yesterday. I definitely felt different waking up this morning when I started walking around, and I also played piano last night and this morning :)


M.Mc., Chelsea




My apt. was so peaceful this weekend, and I have you to thank.


J.S., Chelsea




Cynthia is a very compassionate person. I don't ever feel she is judging me for being disorganized and having the difficulties people with ADD have with regard to staying on track. She entered my apartment, calmly looked around, said "I see what's going on", and we got to work. It was a very zen-like experience, actually. We worked together to create an easier way for me to live. With my new system, it's easier to concentrate on more important things in life, rather than struggling to navigate through my clutter, which we took care of, considerably! If I got distracted while we were sorting through stuff, she kept me on track and we got a lot accomplished in a very short period of time...something I could never do by myself.


J.K., Washington Heights





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