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The Clutter Whisperer of New York City - Home Organizer, Office Space, Clutter, Feng shui in New York, NY

It has been proven that when you get your life organized, you create space for something new to enter it --

a new job or project, a new business contact or friend, a new idea.
Unfortunately, many people have so much clutter in their lives that they miss many opportunities 

because there is no path to the door for all the clutter.

The Clutter Whisperer of New York City - Home Organizer, Office Space, Clutter, Feng shui in New York, NY

Afraid to have friends or family over because the place is a mess?

Spend hours looking for something and then it's too late?
Have no mail system so bills stacks up?
Miss payments and incur late fees and interest?

Not sleeping well because of all the bedroom clutter?

Feel overwhelmed at the thought of cleaning the house because of the clutter?

Afraid your children are not learning good organizational habits?

Keep telling yourself that you will organize tomorrow, but never start


The Clutter Whisperer of New York City - Home Organizer, Office Space, Clutter, Feng shui in New York, NY

Services include decluttering, organizing, space management and optimizing use of space.

  • mail and paper files (home or office)

  • closets (clothes, linen, coat, utility)

  • offices (on and off site)

  • corporate storage and merch rooms

  • kitchens & pantries

  • living and dining rooms

  • bathrooms

  • bedrooms

  • craft rooms

  • foyers & mud rooms

  • toy rooms

  • wall units / bookcases

  • storage units (basement and off site)

  • purses & backpacks

  • photos

  • electronic cables and wiring

Additional services offered include:

  • creating a drop zone near your apartment entry

  • creating an extra closet (depending on wall space)

  • helping with a move (purging, putting away)

  • helping you downsize

  • staging a home before putting it on the market (using some of your best pieces of furniture)

  • creating an inventory of belongings for homeowners or renters' insurance purposes

About me and my method

I am The Clutter Whisperer of New York City.  I am a professional organizer who helps people simplify and make over their lives through organization in their homes or offices.  

Living efficiently in my midtown studio for many years has helped shape my downsizing, organizing and decorating sensibilities.  I am a modernist and minimalist.  I organize thoughtfully and artfully.  I have somewhat of a Buddhist sentimentality as I aim for simplicity, practicality, efficiency, style and a Zen-like atmosphere.  I am always searching for the better mousetrap and new tips 'n tricks to fine-tune my clients' lifestyles and keep the clutter at bay.  


I generally do not recommend buying fancy organizing products.  I prefer to rely on creative solutions using items my clients already have in their homes.

I am acquainted with the basic principles of feng shui for the home and will make appropriate suggestions to promote energy flow and harmony.  

I am very environmentally conscious and employ green work practices.

There is a 5-hour minimum for each organizing visit. My experience is that no job takes less than 5 hours.  Most jobs require only 1-2 visits, although I do see some clients on a regular "tune-up" basis.

This is what The Clutter Whisperer® typically does during an organizing session:

Help you declutter and and eliminate possessions you no longer need or want.  For example, if you are on the fence about donating that big, space hog of a bread maker, I might suggest donating it in exchange for a 1-1/2 hour no-knead bread recipe that takes no space.

Introduce ways/systems to consolidate, store, display and re-purpose what you keep with consideration given to your work and living styles, to your needs, to whether you are left or right handed, etc.   For example, instead of tossing that ugly tv table, I might suggest painting it in a high gloss color and repurposing it.

Share my Top 10 most practical solutions for creating space, or the illusion of space.  (Ask me how I could create an extra closet for you!)

Offer tips on where to buy certain organizational items, with estimated costs.

Send a follow-up email after the session summarizing the suggested repairs and purchases to make and small mop-up projects to complete. Clients tell me that the follow-up email is as valuable to them as the actual organizing session.

The Clutter Whisperer® is a registered trade(service)mark.

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