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In New York City, beginning Jan 2015, residents can no longer put used electronic devices in the trash.

These devices include: TVs, monitors, computers, laptops, small servers, printers/scanners, tablets/e-readers, MP3 players, VCRs/DVRs/DVD players, fax machines, video game consoles, cable/satellite boxes, mice and keyboards.

There are 5 recycling options for disposing them.

1. e-CYCLEnyc

NYC apartment buildings with 10+ units can enroll for a free pickup service via

2. Retail drop off

You can drop off electronics at any Goodwill, Salvation Army, Best Buy, Staples (no TVs), or the Gowanus E-Waste Warehouse. For more info, see

3. Free mail-back

Some brands offer free mail-back programs. Check the brand's website for specifics.

4. Recycling events

There are NYC organizations that run electronics recycling events. For dates, check,

5. Donate/sell working electronics.

For options, see

Here are recycling optiosn for similar items:

Mobile phones: Use the options above or take to any wireless service provider.

Appliances and housewares: If they are mostly metal or rigid plastic, recycle with your other rigid plastics, metal, glass and cartons. Remove batteries first.

Rechargeable batteries: Most stores in NYS that sell rechargeable batteries will take them back for recycling. Regular batteries go in regular trash.

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