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According to a CBS This Morning report today, other retailers are now getting into the women's clothing rental market, The very successful Rent the Runway, of course, was the original. Now, Ann Taylor, Urban

Outfitters, American Eagle and Express all rent clothes. How can you afford not to?

  • You'll have a leaner clothing budget

  • You'll have a leaner closet and more control over your wardrobe

  • You'll have a leaner dry cleaning bill

  • You'll save time shopping

  • You can wear a greater variety of clothing

  • You won't have any excuses to say you don't have anything to wear

  • You get to wear something new more often than not

  • You can wear style on a budget

  • You won't have to feel guilty about buying/owning too many clothes

  • You can have a new look for every type of event, instead of wearing the same clothes across multiple events

  • You won't feel guilty anymore about buying something you don't need

Clothing, papers and miscellaneous piles of stuff are the top reasons people call me in for help.

I witness first hand the side effects of the Fast Fashion trend. New clothing and accessories with tags still on in bags pile up on furniture, on the floor, on door hooks, in corners. Closet rods are stuffed with clothes hardly worn. The situation becomes unmanageable and overwhelming which begets emotional distress. So watch this video and then try it out!

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