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A client of mine is trying out Evernote, a very popular note-taking app. She says it has received great reviews and is hoping to begin corraling her business cards, notes jotted on post-its and everything else which litters her desk. It prompted me to look into it.

What I've learned is that you can use Evernote to jot notes, create to-do lists, organize recipes, manage projects, clip entire Web pages, control passwords, and record audio.

You create as many individual Notebooks (or folders) as you need in which to drop content. Everything added to Evernote is automatically synchronized across platforms and devices and is searchable. It will even recognize printed or handwritten text in photos and images.

A Computerworld reviewer recently said that If you're looking for a tool that captures, organizes and finds content from the Web, you'll want Evernote, because its tools for doing that are exemplary.

Evernote is free for a basic online service and a monthly 60MB data quota. Users can upgrade to a premium service for $5 a month or $45 a year.

Check it our for yourself at and view their demo.

And if you are a user, or just trying out Evernote, let me know what you think! Is it easy to use? Has it made you more organized and, therefore, more productive? How, specifically.

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