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Reviews are the lifeline of businesses, especially the small ones. I feel very lucky to have generous clients who take the time to write brief reviews. After all, that is probably how they found me -- through my reviews. So they are important -- for them and for me. Once in a while, a client comes along who blows me away with a totally unexpected lengthy and thoughtful account of our organizing session. Below is what I found on my Google+ page this week. This is why I love what I do -- because I can help change people's lives for the better. Clients are happy after an organizing session. It is very rewarding for me as well.

Joel R. - New York City

My experience with Cynthia was pleasant and enlightening but, above all, so productive. The whole family, our beloved dog included, enjoys what amounts to a brand new apartment that had been such a burden on our minds. In the days since The De-cluttering, the overall organization of our home and open spaces have made the morning routine with our little one so much smoother and the tidying up simpler and reflexive - everything has a place! And, with this clean slate, we see so much more potential in our apartment. After 6 years of living together, my partner and I had not admitted we were overwhelmed at combining our lives’ worth of stuff, even after three apartment moves. I gave up and sent her and our kindergartner on a flight to see grandma and I called Cynthia. She got back to me within hours and we talked about the scope of the project. Whether on the phone or in person, she is approachable and focused - exactly what my exasperation required. I didn’t know where to start but Cynthia helped me decide on a scope and I followed her advice to prep for our session. By the time she showed up, I had learned so much executing her simple direction. And by the time my girls got home, the bedrooms, most closets to include linen and the front, and the foyer had been completely de-cluttered. I made three trips of car-fulls of perfectly good and organized donations. We had achieved so much more than what I hired her for! She is a workhorse and, more importantly, a very inspiring and encouraging home organization partner. You can’t miss with Cynthia, what are you waiting for?

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