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Martha Stewart Living's 2018 "Organizing" magazine is out now. It's the Special Collector's Edition and includes 275 ideas.

I recommend it as a source of inspiration for any room in your house/apartment and something that you can refer to for many months to come.

Just a couple notes of caution:

1) The recommended products are high quality and expensive. You might want to adapt the products to your budget.

Less expensive product sources are Target, Bed, Bath & Beyond, Home Goods, and Ikea. And, of course, you can always improvise, using items you already have.

2) Some of the ideas are over-the-top in that they take too much time to implement, are too fussy and just plain impractical; e.g., wrapping up your sheet sets in the style of Japanese furoshiki. Most clients I work with appreciate organization but don't need or want perfection. Again, pick and choose and adapt to your situation.

Have fun and use your imagination!

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